At three years of age, Kristina moved with her family from Sweden to the UK and has since lived between Spain, Sweden and the UK. She has always been fascinated by the power of our minds and the impact our thoughts, beliefs and patterns have on us.

She provides clients with the opportunity to face and explore the challenges that life throws at us. Kristina works intuitively and offers deep levels of empathy and holding. She has a strong sense of emotional intelligence and will meet clients where they are in a manner that is comfortable for them.

Having run her own relocation business for 13 years, Kristina is also knowledgeable on a business level and can help clients solve conflicts and reach a more respectful and balanced communication between colleagues and clients.

Kristina has a Bachelor’s Degree from Lund University in Sweden and several other Diplomas within the fields of teaching and property.

Kristina has been practising for four years and meets with clients in our Central London clinic.